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Zodiac Heat Pump Selection Chart


Heat Pumps

Use the chart below to ensure you are selecting the correct heat pump for your swimming pool


Comparison Zodiac Z300  Zodiac Z500
Application Private Private
Type of Pool Open air or Indoor Open air or Indoor
Advantages High performance and quiet certified The Eco Silent Choice
Energy Efficiency ** ***
Acoustics ** ***
Compact size * ***
Minimum operating -8 DEG C - 12 DEG C
Reversible operation to cool the pool NO YES
Heating priority YES YES
Can be installed within technical room YES YES
Remote Control Option YES YES
Pool Volume - May to September
Up to 27 m3 Z300 M4 ZS500 MD4

Up to 48 m3

Z300 M5 ZS500 MD5

Up to 75 m3

Z300 MD8 ZS500 MD8

Up to 100 m3

Z300 MD8 ZS500 MD8