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Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance

Please see our range of Swimming Pool Services.

Swimming Pool Commission.
We provide a service which will start your swimming pool season off with perfect clarity


Swimming Pool Winter Shut Down
Its important to keep your pool equipment safe throughout the colder months and your water treated to last until the next season.


Emergency Breakdown Call Outs
We are available 24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week for Emergency Call Outs, Repairs, Breakdowns, Pump Changes and any other problem you require a fast response


Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly Maintenance and Service & Annual Service Contracts
Let us take the strain and hassle from you and leave you to the fun part of Swimming.


With our professional team on the road we are able to keep your pool in tip top shape with perfect clarity all the way through the summer and even winter..



Some of our Specialist Swimming Pool Services

Refurbishments & Renovations.
Our trained team of Pool Installers and Servicemen can undertake any kind of Refurbishment, Renovation or General Repair to Concrete, Liner, Fibreglass and Marbeline Swimming Pools.


In Store Digital Water Testing
Feel free to arrange an appointment to bring a water sample to our showroom for an elaborate and detailed water test where we will provide with a list of results for important measures which maybe affecting your water quality.


Solar Cover and Winter Cover Installations
Our supply and installation service means your pool will get the right care it needs all year round.


Leak detection
For professional Leak Detection in your Swimming Pool please contact us for more information



Some of our Swimming Pool Plant Room Services

Plant Room Installations
Our trained team of Pool Engineers are able to carry out all kinds of Plant Room Installations such as Filter Pump Replacements, Control Panel Installations, Heater Repairs and Services (Gas, Oil and Electric), Electrical Work for Domestic and Commercial Plant Rooms around London and Kent..


Sand Filter Changes
Has your Filter Sand Media been in use for longer than three years? - If so you will need to replace it and keep your filtration working to optimum levels.


Plant Room Design
We can provide with you a CAD schematic to resdesign your plant room with performance and flow rates and the equipment to suit


Leak detection
For professional Leak Detection in your Swimming Pool please contact us for more information

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