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Rubber Flooring


Rubber Flooring for Pool Sides and Spa Sides

Safety Deck rubber flooring can be used for many "wet area" applications and has the following benefits

  • Versatile multi-purpose safety surface, indoor or outdoor
  • Rubber granules bonded with urethane resin to a depth of about 6 mm
  • Impact resistant, anti-slip surface, blends into any environment
  • Designed to eliminate accidents on wet, slippery surfaces
  • Applied directly on existing concrete, slabs etc & ready in 24 Hours
  • Wide range of colours, guaranteed 5 Years.

Different Grades of Application:

  • Grade A Porous - For Pool decks, gyms, changing rooms, ramps, play areas
  • Grade B Sealed - For Toilets, showers, bathrooms, kitchens, industrial use
  • Grade C Heavy Duty Sealed - Garage, forecourts, stables, golf clubs

What the costs of Rubber Flooring and can i make a custom design?

Our material comprises of rubber granules bonded with a urethane resin to create an impact resistant but flexible non-slip surface with the added benefit of noise reduction.

Available in a range of 10 colours, various colour combinations can be mixed to compliment any environment. The product can easily accommodate;

  • Client Logo’s
  • Designs
  • Lettering
  • Demarcation Lines
  • Caution and Warning Signs
  • Direction Markers.

Think of a design and we will create your own individual flooring.

What Cost to Industry?:

Millions of working hours a year are lost as a direct result of staff slipping or tripping on unsafe office floors – stairways – ramps etc.

What Cost in Injury Claims?:

Local and Borough Councils are paying out fortunes in injury claims resulting from unsafe flooring installed in public amenities, i.e. Swimming Pool Surrounds – Changing Rooms – Invalid Ramps – Corridors – Play Areas – Walkways – Paddling Pools What Cost to the Domestic Pool Enclosure Owner?: whose friend slips and cracks his head on a ceramic tiled pool surround.

What Cost to the NHS?;

Millions of pounds per year in medical treatments can be attributed directly to inadequate safety flooring.

What Cost to the Insurers?:

Millions of pounds per year are being paid out in compensation claims. Many of which are settled out of court and hence do not become public knowledge.

What Cost to the Insured?:

Annual premiums are increasing dramatically.

With a policy of ‘no win no fee’ the legal profession and their clients appear to be the only beneficiaries.

How can i get a Free of charge Site Inspection and Quotation ?

We are pleased to provide the following services to you:

  • Product knowledge
  • Technical preparation and installation advice
  • Individual colour samples either in dry granular form or made to your specific requirement
  • Site visits at a mutually convenient time to provide expertise, advice and assistance
  • Measure the site and prepare a quotation
  • Provide experienced highly trained crews to install rubber flooring to the highest of standards
  • After the sale we will maintain contact with you to ensure that all is satisfactory and provide further assistance or advice as required

What about After Care and Service ?

We also offer a contract cleaning and maintenance service on a six monthly or annual basis to ensure that the Safety Rubber flooring surface retains its full glory Safety rubber flooring material is totally manufactured in the UK by reputable suppliers. Colour blending, formulation and product technology are unique to Safety rubber flooring. We pride ourselves in being compatible, adaptable and honourable and provide efficient pre and after sales service, so if you need a safety surface think Voxsan Safety rubber flooring and contact us today.


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