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Villeroy & Boch Premium Line A7L

As a medium-sized hot tub, the A7L offers the ideal combination of various massage types built into comfortable premium seats. With five JetPaks™ and one recliner, you have a range of options to choose from for a beneficial and calming hydromassage.

In addition, there are also corner seats with hand, hip, calf and foot jets that, in conjunction with the JetPaks™, add the finishing touch to your wellness experience.




Spa Dimensions

7'-4" (2.24m) x 7'-4" (2.24m) x 36" (.91m) 


Seating Capacity

The Premium Line A7L Hot Tub Spa has a seating capacity of up to 6 Persons at any one time.


Seats / Recliners

The Premium Line A7L Hot Tub Spa has one lounger and five seats.


Jet Paks


JetPaks – custom-made Massage System - Our patented JetPak Therapy System helps you create your perfect personalized spa experience.

Whereas competitors continue to work with many long pipes, Villeroy & Boch has gone one step further: the latest generation of JetPak™ technology dispenses entirely with the pipes behind the JetPaks™.

An innovation that is second to none!


To optimise the power, the water passes through powerful pumps in the Aqua&Air unit behind the jets.

The air drawn in from above is mixed with the water and pushed through the jets – the so-called Venturi principle.


The JetPaks™ can be interchanged with a simple click. 16 different JetPaks™ fit on any seat and can also be retrofitted.

They are infinitely adjustable and can also be switched on and off as required.


The hot tubs can be customised according to personal preferences.

You can choose the type of jets, the colour and form, as well as additional options and accessories.

Each JetPak was designed and engineered with the help of massage and wellness experts to address specific regions of your back, neck, shoulders, and obliques.

We have succeeded in improving our already unique technology even further. Learn more about JetPak™ I and the new JetPak™ II technology.


Jet Pak Collection



To download the Jet Pak Collection brochure please click here 


Exclusive Hot Tub Jets

The JetPak Therapy System uses the world' finest hot tub jets to achieve each unique hydromassage sensation. Each jet has been selected with the assistance of massage and wellness experts to meet a specific therapy objective.

From our JetPaks to our in-spa wrist, foot, and leg jets, you'll be assured of the most reliable and therapeutic hydrotherapy experience available.

Add the world's finest hot tub therapy jets to the patented JetPak Therapy System and the Villeroy & Boch cutting edge spa designs and you get the world's best hot tub experience.


The Premium Line A7L Stock Colour Combinations 


Colour Combination I - Opal Shell / Grey Cabinet / Grey Cover


Colour Combination II - Pearl Shell / Hazlenut Finish / Wildwood Cover


Your own Whirlpool-App*

Control & Monitor Your Villeroy & Boch Spa from Anywhere

CloudControl iPhone AppCloud Control™ allows you to monitor and control your spa from anywhere you have a WiFi or digital cellular signal.

Cloud Control™ includes a WiFi module attached to your spa’s control system and a downloadable app for your smartphone, tablet, or other iOS or Android device.

CloudControl connects to your spa in any of 3 ways, depending on your location. Connect to your Spa via a direct WiFi connection anywhere in the local proximity of your tub

Connect to your Spa anywhere in your house through your local WiFi network Or, connect to your Spa anywhere in the world you have an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, or WiFi hot spots.*

The app lets you start the spa, turn on lights, change temperature, and adjust pump and filtration settings from your smartphone or tablet.

You will never wonder if your spa is heated and ready for you or worry about it when you're on vacation. You're connected.

Control and monitor your spa from anywhere Free app for iOS and Android devices

*The app is compatible with iPhone® 3G - 3GS - 4 - 4S, iPod touch® or iPad® – iPad 2G via WiFi

Sound Systems

Villeroy & Boch offers 2 stereo system options.

Your integrated spa stereo further personalizes your spa experience by allowing you to choose ultimate soundscape for relaxing in your Spa. 100% waterproof audio systems utilize premium components to produce rich sound quality.

These premium marine-grade stereo units are compatible with iPod, iPhone, Android phones and nearly all MP3 players so you can choose the way your relaxation sounds.


Elite Audio System

Our Elite Stereo System, available on A Series and R Series Spas, provides top-quality sound to enhance your spa relaxation experience. The Elite System's powered sub woofer combine with dedicated speakers located throughout the spa in each premium seat to produce a smooth rich sound wherever you happen to be seated in the spa.

You can choose from your favorite albums, artists, or mixes as you relax or socialize and you can control it remotely without having to get out of the spa.


  • 4-8 waterproof in-spa speakers
  • Optional out-facing Yard Speakers
  • Powered sub-woofer
  • Spa-side waterproof iPod, iPhone, MP3 locker
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • USB, iPod, iPhone, and 3.5mm MP3 player inputs
  • FM Tuner with saved presets
  • Floating remote control


Life Audio System

Life Audio System, available on A Series and R Series Spas, is a spa audio system that sounds great at an affordable price. Play your favorite playlists, artists or songs directly from your iPod, iPhone, Android Phone, or MP3 player.

This is the perfect in-spa audio system if you would like the option of occasionally listening to your favorite songs in the spa direct from your device.

  • 4-8 waterproof in-spa speakers
  • Passive sub-woofer
  • Spa-side waterproof iPod, iPhone, MP3 locker
  • 3.5mm input



    Find all information about the different stereo systems on the factsheet.


    Spa Lighting


    Our A Series and R Series spas feature a premium interior lighting package to enhance your nighttime spa experience. These powerful and energy efficient LED lights, combine with a large logo center LED to set just the right mood.

    These full-color LED lights are capable of producing virtually any color and they beautifully distribute the lighting effects of your choice throughout the spa.

    You can choose from a variety of effects ranging from calm cool colors to enhance your relaxing and romantic spa experience, to a slowly fading in and out of each color, to a quickly changing multi-colored light show for hot tub parties

    Exterior LED sconce lights are placed around the outside perimeter of your spa. These true white LED lights create a safe, illuminated spa environment and make a beautiful addition to your backyard sanctuary that you will appreciate in the evening hours.



    Premium Computerized Control Systems

    All Villeroy & Boch Spas come equipped with state-of-the-art Balboa™ computerized control systems.

    When it comes to spa controls, Balboa is not only the industry leader, but producers of the most reliable and innovative control systems available.

    Each Balboa control system is engineered to thrive in the grueling hot and humid environment of any hot tub.


    Economically, energy-efficient.

    Villeroy & Boch hot tubs are probably the most economical in the world. The full-foam insulation prevents energy loss. The innovative JetPak™ II technology uses the heat in the hot tub as almost 90% of the water-bearing parts run through the hot water.

    And the warmth of the water running through the tubing is returned to the water in the hot tub rather than simply being lost, unused, to the cooler surroundings.

    Villeroy & Boch hot tubs are even more efficient because, unlike many other hot tubs, they do not use the cold outer air but, instead, the heated air from behind the JetPaks™.

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