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Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Services

Swimming Pool Servicing and Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Emergency Call Outs to maintain your Swimming Pool to ensure you have safe, clean and treated water with a debris free pool all year round. Our Safe Pool Maintenance Contract is becoming more and more popular as they years go by.

All Swimming Pools are different dependant on the construction method, flow rates, plant room equipment and various other technical variables however our experienced specialist team of service engineers and advisories can provide you with the solutions to maintain every aspect of your swimming pool. 

Keston Pools & Spas pride ourselves on the support and care for swimming pool owners. Our swimming pool maintenance and service team travel around London, Kent and Surrey on a weekly basis assisting our customers and ensuring our serviced pool contracts are constantly safe, clean and clear ready to swim at all times.



Hot Tub Servicing and Maintenance

Hot Tubs require a fair amount of care from time to time depending on the age and overall use. We provide servicing and maintenance to all Hot Tubs including services such as breakdown repairs, emergency call outs, maintenance contracts, spa moves as well as all the chemicals and accessories.

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