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Pool Clarifiers

Swimming Pool Clarifiers are there to keep your pool and spa water sparkling all year round.

We specialise in pool clarity and our worldwide exclusive LEBLOC for Hot Tubs is becoming a rapid success.


Kibbled Alum

Kibbled Alum Learn More


LE BLOC Gel Clarifier for Swimming Pools

L'Bloc is a supercharged Gel Block Pool Clarifier, which takes out the most minute suspended particles within the pool water to a level that liquid preparations cannot match. Expect results... Learn More


LE BLOC Gel Clarifier for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

LEBLOC is a safe and environmentally friendly revolutionary gel delivery flocculant technology for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools that enhances the clarity, sparkles and polishes the water. It releases a... Learn More


Liquid Floc 2 Litre

Description   The perfect solution for clearing up cloudy water quickly and easily. In keeping with EN 15031: Chemical product used for treatment of swimming pool water.Instructions for usePRIVATE SWIMMING POOLSFLOCULANT... Learn More