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Hot Tub Spa Accessories

Small Tablet Dispenser

Suitable for Hot Tub Spa and Above Ground Pool Features: Locking top lid Suitable for 1" Tablets - Chlorine or Bromine Adjustable feed output Learn More


Shallow Net on Pole

Shallow Net on Pole Learn More
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TLC Paste 350 Grams with Scrubber Pad

TLC Paste is a mineral filled surface cleaner paste - Non Hazardous - Environmentally & Ecologically Friendly. The highly recommended essential cleaner for Swimming Pools and Spas - does not... Learn More


Water Wand Filter Comb

The world's first all-in-one hand held filter cartridge cleaner. Connected to your garden hose (connector supplied), eight fan nozzles flush out the cartridge pleats and a soft rubber comb removes... Learn More
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Floating Spa Bar

Floating Spa Bar

Extremely cool inflatable floating bar to house your favorite savory / sweet or healthy nibbles and drinks while you are floating in your luxury of liquid! Learn More
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Spa LED Wine Glasses / Flutes

Light up your night and drink with a pair of cool LED illuminated wine flutes. Fixed on a set colour or allowed to cycle through the range of shades these... Learn More


Plastic Playing Cards

The perfect Hot tub or swimming pool game for those who prefer a competitive but relatively still activity in the water. Learn More


Spa Scoop

The first surface rake specifically designed for hot tubs. Features a round shape to suit the contours of the spa interior and rubber edges to prevent damage to the spa... Learn More
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Durastep II Deluxe Spa Step

GO AHEAD AND TREADAn upgraded version of the DuraStep II, the Deluxe adds safety and style with the addition of slip resistant rubber treads. This creates a more elegant look... Learn More


Spa Mitts

'Life' Spa & Hot Tub Essentials - Spa Mitts Suitable for use on all spa and hot tub surfaces Absorbent material - reusable pack of 3 Easy to use -... Learn More
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Spa Caddy

Spa Caddy

Made by Essentials(Now in Black - Grey stock all gone)If you need a small table that mounts onto the side of your hot tub or spa then the 'Spa Caddy'... Learn More
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Spa Wand

Spa Wand

The Spa Wand will meet the cleaning needs of the smallest pools, including small above-ground pools and spas, as well as precision-cleaning needs like pool steps, overflow gutters, built-in filtration... Learn More



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