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Chlorine Dosing Systems

Bayrol Pool Relax Chlorine & PH Dosing System

Description Crystal clear water with minimum effort - The Pool Relax demonstrates just how easy it is to achieve perfect water quality. The clearly structured menu and large display provides... Learn More


Watersens Chlorine & PH Dosing Unit

Description Watersens allows the automatic chekcing and maintaining of pool water quality by automatic control of the right PH level and concentration of the sanitiser whether it may be Chlorine,... Learn More


ePool Series Liquid Chlorine Dosing System

The brand new EPool Automated Liquid Chlorine Dosing system will ensure your swimming pool has a consistent chlorine level set to the desired range at all times.   Peristaltic Pump... Learn More


25 Litre Chemical Holding Tank

Description Our 25 Litre (5.5 gallon) Water tanks are suitable for storage and transportation of potable water and a wide range of other liquids.This 25 litre water tank is manufactured... Learn More