The basics :

Water balance is a measure of the concentration of calcium salts in relation to other chemicals in the water.

It involves measuring the calcium hardness, total alkalinity and pH of the water. Whilst not related to health and safety, balancing the water will ensure you achieve the maximum life from your spa, and prevent premature erosion or scaling of the surface, pipes, filters and other equipment.


We measure pH for a lot of different reasons, such as:


Accurate PH will maintain safe water that is comfortable to bathe in.

High PH may reduce the sanitiser efficiency and cause corrosion to the surfaces. The water may cloud and scale build up can occur.

If the PH is low the water can be irritating for the bathers and the sanitiser will be used far more quickly.

Some products can be harmful at a specific pH. We have to be careful not to release these products into the environment where they can be a danger to people or damage equipment. To be able to determine whether such a substance is dangerous we first have to measure its pH value.

Total Alkalinity acts as a buffer for the PH.

If the alkalinity in the water is too low there can be fluctuations in the PH, however high alkalinity can make it difficult to adjust or correct the PH.

Total alkalinity should be added in a container of hot water and dissolved before adding to the spa water.


    What is the ideal range :

    The whole scale of pH values in aqueous solutions includes both the acidic and alkaline ranges. The values can vary from 0 to 14, where pH values from 0 to 7 are called acidic and pH values from 7 to 14 are termed alkaline. The pH value of 7 is neutral


    Why to keep your pH in balance.

    It is essential to keep your pH balanced within the range of 7.2 and 7.6.

    The problems of not adhering to this can be seen below:

    Ph value of 0 -6 = Corrosion Zone (Softwater)

    Beware of :
    1. Corrosion
    2. Etching of Plaster / Concrete
    3. Eye and Skin Irritation
    4. Excessive Sanitiser Use.

    Add Surex Plus - 1lb per 10,000 Gallons (43cum)

    Ph value of 9-14 = Scaling Zone (Hardwater)

    Beware of :
    1. Scale Formation
    2. Cloudy Water
    3. Poor Sanitiser Efficiency
    4. Eye Irritation

    Add Surex Minus - 2lbs per 10,000 Gallons (43cum)


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