The above is a great example why you should regularly replace your pump and skimmer baskets in your swimming pool when you notice they are broken in any way !

The basket on the pump above had split and the owner could not understand why the flow on the returns and skimmers was so poor.

Even the suction robot didn't have the same power as the year before and looked like the pool thing had given up hope all together !

The client came to us and was on the verge of purchasing a new pump and our engineer had a quick look inside as above and look what we found!

There was leaves, stones, moss and all sorts of debris that jammed the impeller which is the part that circulates the water causing little / no revolution even through the motor was running.

Luckily we caught it in time before the motor burnt out!

Moral of the story - when the maintenance aspects of your swimming pool need replacing it is a tell tale sign to do it quickly before the costs spiral and your swimming pool is out of action for a while.

Keston Pools & Spas carry most of the common pump and skimmer baskets in stock at our showroom.

If you are unsure on which pump or skimmer you have bring in the old basket and we can match it up for you!