In the words of Jerry Hodges from the USA who runs an organisation called Mind Body Health specialising in alternative health solutions and has done so for many years, it is encouraging to my ears that some organisations over the other side of the pond equally see reason to question the application of Chlorine in any form.

Is Chlorine one of the dangers that lurk in our water supply?

Is it a good idea that has gone wrong?

There is no way I am going to believe Chlorine or any other Halogen is good for general body functions.
In the First World War thousands were wiped out from Chlorine gas equally the Iraq and Iran confrontations killed thousands more.

I assume that the ‘warmongers’ at the time considered it was acceptable as they did with Bubonic Plaques and the Great Fire of London years ago where both human beings, animal and aquatic life was brought to an end.

These days humans that contracted water borne diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery etc suffering from severe vomiting and diarrhoea could be dead within 24 hours after coming down with it.

After a life time of drinking and bathing in Chlorinated waters the harmful effects could be more silent but just as deadly.

The US Council of Environmental Quality states that the cancer risk amongst people drinking Chlorinated water is 93% higher than those who do not.

Is there a story here ?

Chlorine hardens arteries, destroys proteins in the body.

It irritates the skin, eyes, and sinuses.

Asthmatics; allergies; respiratory problems are enhanced by Chlorine.

In swimming pool bathing applications should the Nitrogen Trichlorides fall out of line THMS (Trihalo-Methanes) are formed – these are positively dangerous.

THMS can be absorbed and expelled through the skin when swimming in both indoor & outdoor applications.Misguided Veterinary Surgeons once they have operated on animals recommend the use of Chlorinated substances in indoor convalescence pools.

They fail to realise that animals have lungs and breath in the fumes, Chlorine also affects the eyes and body hair.

Chlorine affects their breathing – similarly horse exercising structures.

Mutagens are present particularly in Bromine, particularly MXS known to be at least some 100 odd times for harmful than THMS which cause damage to the Thyroid gland and can lead to cancerous tumours.

In my opinion swimming in a pool with Halogens content is a no-no-no.

It is a fact that indoor pool attendants whilst sitting in their ‘watch chairs’ have a much higher increase of Asthma as do swimmers themselves.

The one way to protect yourself from relative toxins is don’t use Halogens.

So what is the answer ? Should it be one of the following ?

1. Basic inorganics such as Hydrogen Peroxide solution.
2. Granular Peroxygens – but be careful of your mixes and choice.
3. Ozone gas – but you cannot go over .9ppm.
4. Ultraviolet light. Medium density.
5. Salt water maybe – just be careful of the parameters. Just remember you are creating Chlorine again.
6. The use of silver – be careful it has a 10 hour kill time.

You can be dead in that time.

As an ending to this short script Chlorine and the likes have to go.

Times up folks.

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Derek Acca
Surex International