Winterising your Pool - The Complete Close Up Procedure - 
It is very important that you follow the below step by step guide to closing you swimming pool over the winter time.
1.     Clean water level line with SUREX TLC
2.     Vacuum out pool completely
3.     Shock dose with SUREX SURCHLOR at a rate of 5lts per 50m3 cu m (1 gall per 12,000 galls).  Leave pump running for 24 hours.
4.     Apply relative winterisation compound and run filter for a further 24 hours
5.     Backwash sand filter for 5/6 minutes
6.     Lower pool water level to just below skimmer inlet.
7.     Turn off and disconnect all electrical supply.
8.     Isolate all pool heater fuel lines.
9.     Insert winterising bungs/plugs where applicable.
10.  Apply ice breaking 'gizmos's to water surface.
11.  Fully close all ball valves and multiport valve controls.
12.  Filter Units:   
Fully drain off water, leave open all drain points. Remove filter lid to allow sand to breathe.                                                                  
Remove elements, wash out filter drum. Hose down elements, soak in SUREX FILTER CLEANSE for 12-24 hours, hose down and leave to dry.
Open all relative drain off points and drain fully. If installed - leave all condensate drains open. Dismantle and check scale build up on heat exchanger unit tubes and electric elements - clean and if necessary, seek advice.
14.  PUMPS: 
Clean out strainer basket, remove all drain off plugs, remove pump lid, spray electric motor with water resistant additive - do not disconnect. With all metal body strainers turn motor on for 2-3 seconds, every two months to prevent the impeller from jamming.
Remove all relative chemical. Clean out drum and clean strainer. Leave empty with lid off.
Remove, hose down and store carefully. Leave all feeder hoses resting in straight runs - Do not kink.
Remove - Do not leave on over winter period  - they degredate.  Wash down with SUREX 'COVER CARE' wash and leave to dry and store away safely.
Wash down and store safely - check for any defects.
After a full winterisation, install the relative winter cover. During the winter lay off period occasionally check that the cover, particularly in chlorinated water does not make contact with the water surface. This will slowly degredate the cover material. Water tubes are available for additional support to keep out debris and for heavy wind exposure conditions.
·         Remember to keep clean all drain plugs, lid and o-rings etc in a sealed polythene bag or container ready for the next swimming pool season.
·         Make sure all chemical compounds in containers are fully sealed and labelled and locked away from the reach of children and in a cool dry area.